Frederick Achom

Who is Frederick Achom?

Founder and Chairman, Rosemont Group

London, United Kingdom

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Frederick Achom Short Bio


Frederick Achom founded and serves as chairman of his independently held firm, the Rosemont Group of Companies. The company deals with consumer goods and services and is based in the British Virgin Islands. Frederick Achom established the firm in 2003 and today the business is valued at some $45 million. The Rosemont Group focuses its business on luxury goods and services, which takes in United Kingdom property and land development projects, overseas property investment and consulting, bespoke Italian kitchens, marketing and sales, the food and beverage industry, alternative investment consultancy, private members clubs in London and in the middle-east, oil & gas exploration in Western Africa.


Recent Investments


As Frederick Achom continues to add to his growing list of investments, he recently added large holdings in a leading boutique winery in Australia. In the division of food and beverage interests, he recently negotiated, through the Rosemont Group of Companies, the acquisition of the Bennett restaurant chain in England. The Battersea flagship restaurant was recently launched to great reviews from some of the UK’s top food critics. In addition to Bennett Rosemont Group are in talks to launch a new style of restaurant in Los Angeles, California as well as bring famous LA Japanese eatery Koi to the UK. His recent purchases of Universal Properties and Property Clinic, a UK based group, increases the property and land development division of his Rosemont Group to 18% of the group’s interests.


Personal and Business Background


Born in Lagos Nigeria, he spent his early childhood in Lagos with his businessman father and housewife mother before being sent to boarding school in England along with his two brothers and one sister.

Driven by what he calls ‘a hunger to create and his interest in business rather than a necessity to work’, he left school at 18 and trained to become a financial sales consultant with numerous companies in city. This proved to be an excellent grounding for his future career, giving him the knowledge and experience he needed to strike out on his own. After a foray into various sectors of the financial sector, his first major success was the sale of his business development and consultancy agency, City Business Partners to London city firm EGC. After which he invested heavily into land and property development before diversifying to Investment sales and consultancy.

Achom is a leader, not a follower, and relies on his personal flair and business acumen as the inspiration for his varied business interests and his ability to deliver high end goods and services to even the most demanding of clientele. Achom attributes his success to the fact that he has his “feet on the ground and understands quality in every sense of the word”.

In 2005 Achom’s Rosemont Group joined forces with Lebanese based Circle Management Group to create and launch Crystal members club in London. As a first foray into the entertainment business, the venture was hugely successful, opening in St Tropez, Lebanon, Dubai, Los Angeles and Beijing.

In his newest venture in the entertainment industry, Achom and his Rosemont Group partnered with well know club Impresarios Moruf Yoozooph in opening private members club, Jalouse, in London's Mayfair. The fantastic interior was the creation of Fendi's Home creative director and artist, Mark Humphreys.

As the multimillion pound Jalouse Club was preparing to open its doors, the rest of the world was experiencing a widespread economic downturn. The club was launched with a gala opening night party attended by celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Ronan Keating, Mischa Barton, Daisy Lowe, Bryan Ferry and Princess Beatrice. Before the evening was over, 500 guests had signed up as club members and the club became an instant success.


Personal Accolades


In 2010, London daily newspaper, the London Evening Standard, awarded Frederick Achom the prestigious honour of ‘one of the 1000 most influential people in London’. The London Evening Standard has been in circulation for more than 180 years, and has a daily distribution of 70,000 copies every single night. The paper compiled an impressive list of the people who are, in the eyes of Evening Standard’s writers, correspondents and editors, doing the most to drive London forward and change it in a meaningful and significant way, be it in finances, culture, politics or any other field.

In the same year, Achom was also named as one of the UK's 100 black men and women who have achieved extraordinary success in their respective fields. The list is called the Black Power List 2010 and is compiled by securities firm JP Morgan, it lists those that have excelled in the fields of finance, business, law, politics and entertainment.

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